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Bird Bog Beers Featured in new book: North Dakota Beer – A Heady History

A big thanks to author, Alicia Underlee Nelson, for including Bird Dog Beers in the history of beer…
Author’s page and purchase link is here.

A history of beer brewing in North Dakota.
From Arcadia Publishing:

Before North Dakota obtained statehood and entered the Union as a dry state, the region’s commercial beer industry thrived. A lengthy era of temperance forced locals to find clever ways to get a beer, such as crossing the Montana and Minnesota borders for a pint, smuggling beer over the rails and brewing at home. After Prohibition, the state’s farmers became national leaders in malting barley production, serving the biggest brewers in the world. However, local breweries struggled until 1995, when the first wave of brewpubs arrived on the scene. A craft brewing renaissance this century led to an explosion of more than a dozen craft breweries and brewpubs in less than a decade. Alicia Underlee Nelson recounts North Dakota’s journey from a dry state to a booming craft beer hub.


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April Brewer’s Night

Brewers night is here again! We will be drinking a hoptastic Every Minute IPA, we brewed this last month, and added hops every min of brewing! We will be brewing a choke cherry saison should be fun, and as always our regulars are bring something else for us to try!