Mandan Beer Brewer's Night with Bird Dog Brewing

Brewer’s Night – Jan

Join Us Tuesday, January 9th. Brewers Night starts around 5pm here at Main Street! We will be drinking the Maibock we brewed last month, very tasty and came in at 7.8% abv. So tonight let’s brew an nice English Bitter! Just like you would get if strolled into and nice little English Pub. See you soon!

About Brewer’s night:
​We brew 10 gallons of beer every brewers night. We will tap the beer we brewed the previous month. We can decide what to brew the next month, fellowship, drink, and generally have a good time.
If you are curious about how beer is made, want help with home brew ideas, or just want to be part of the beer making for a night, show up, and help me to further educate, inspire, and create awesome craft beer.